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Here you can source all types of EMF shielding fabrics and EMF/RF shielding clothing.
We offer a whole range of products from underwear to professional shielding suits.


We will be happy to discuss your situation and find the perfect solution for your shielding needs.


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Our R&D Capacity - Your Advantage:

We cooperate with various textile engineers, among them

industry leaders in the development of shielding fabrics.

We can offer you a wide range of shielding products from wire mesh

to finely woven fully textile clothing and curtain fabrics.


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ShieldingClothing.Com: your #1 source for high quality high performance shielding products.

Finely woven textiles, e. g. from Swiss Shield AG in Switzerland make perfect curtains to reduce your personal EMF exposure in office and lab environments. Contact us and find out how we can help you to optimize your working environment and reduce long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure.


If you are looking for EMF monitors and solutions for mobile phone use, please take a look at our partner site There we offer first rate information about how to reduce EMF/EMR in your bedroom environment. We also offer SAR tested cell phone protection products, and a range of solid and reliable EMF detectors.